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Keep this in mind:

Miracle II Soaps: Soaps are concentrated and can be diluted to make many gallons.

No Chemicals
No Animal Fat
Multi Purpose Household Cleaner - Glass Cleaner, Laundry, to insecticide
Multi Purpose Personal Care Product - Washing Hair to Brushing Teeth.
Safe and Gentle on Babies
Strong Enough to Clean your Oven

Look what one concentrated 22 Oz. bottle of Miracle II can do:
384 gallons glass cleaner
2 gallons dish washing soap
50 gallons car or truck wash
22-35 loads of clothes detergent
50 gallons of carpet cleaner
2 gallons oven cleaner or carport cleaner
50 quart bottles of spot cleaner
50 gallons of garden spray
50 shampoos for your dog or cat

Our popular special is on the Miracle II 5 Pack:

You will receive one 22 oz regular soap, one 22 oz moisturizing soap, one 22 oz neutralizer liquid, one 8oz gel and one 8 oz skin moisturizer. You can also make substitutions between these products and combine them in different ways so you get 5 total. The total including FREE shipping is just $64.00 within the 48 states of the US only. This is a great special as each retails at 16.00 NOT including shipping. Click below to get this great price on the Miracle II 5 pack for $64.00. NOTE: IF you wish to change the product combo please send an e-mail to jkaur@sprynet.com after purchase. Paypal is a secure gateway and you do not have to be a member to use this service. If you paid retail you'd be paying 16 a bottle plus shipping which would be about 94.00. Save and get FREE shipping and just pay 64.00

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Here are some common uses from our customers:

1. Bathing

A. Use 1 capful (1/2 ounce) of Regular Soap (Moisturizing Soap if you have dry skin) plus 1 capful (1/2 ounce) of Neutralizer in bathwater. Pour Soap right under faucet to get soap suds. Bathe for 1 hour (30 minutes minimum) 3x per week, i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Special Bathing Tip - Leave soapy water in bathtub after bathing. Use 1 or 2 eight oz. cups in toilets to clean commodes and pipes. Soap is a natural degreaser and declogger. Also use soapy water to wash windows, no streaking on furniture or counter tops.

2) Plant Care:

Add 1/4 teaspoon-1/2 teaspoon neutralizer to a spray bottle. Look at how beautiful your plants grow!

3) Kitty Cat and Doggy Testimonial:

Our kitty cats are our children and they are very important to us. We have one kitty who is getting old (13 yrs.), but I felt that she was getting old a little too fast. She clearly did not feel very good for the last couple of years. She did not have much of an appetite and had lost weight down to skin and bones. We started squirting Miracle II Neutralizer into her mouth and within a day, she was eating well again and getting some of her friskiness back, running around the house, talking up a storm. Oh we gave some miracle ii soap to our cousins with a few dogs and they love bathing them and said their coats are shiny and gorgeous and flea problems are gone.

I am a licensed social worker and certified yoga teacher and enjoy sharing these products with others. I use them to clean my house, detoxify , make my hair glow and in tons of applications. If you wanted to get gallon sizes or the 12 pack please send me an e-mail. These are also great to resell locally for extra income as they are all natural and not sold in stores.

Debra Cohen, LCSW
jkaur @ sprynet.com (remove spacing- done to prevent spamming)

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DISCLAIMER: This is not medical advice and the FDA has not evaluate miracle ii. These products are not intended to diagnose nor treat nor cure any disease or illness. Please consult a physician for any health problems.

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